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Eagle Eye Paraplanning had a large user base that wanted to receive regular news in the FinTech industry. There is a mass number of news sites, but very few people in the industry have time to read through all of them. Eagle Eye Paraplanning wanted to curate a newsletter that aggregated the best news and sent it out to their user base on a regular basis, as a value add service.


Using TMMJ’s custom development service, an aggregation layer was built which reached out to news sites regularly to find news articles that were relevant to the industry. Using a custom built rules engine, articles were filtered and prioritised before being carefully selected for the final newsletter. Once articles had been selected, they were aggregated and handed off to MailChimp to send out to the subscribers.

Matt Says ...

This was quite a fun project as there were many integration points. Alex was great fun to work with an provided a lot of insight into his business and the industry as a whole. The net result is an amazing newsletter that is a value add to Eagle Eye’s clients.

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