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I Love My Stuff sells solar showers, shower enclosures and accessories. The previous site was a simple store, based on Big Commerce. Emily was looking for a way to modernise the shop and consolidate both I Love My Stuff and Oz Inflatable Kayaks onto a single platform for simpler management.


Leveraging what we had already done for Oz Inflatable Kayaks, we cloned the site and amended various components to the relevant I Love My Stuff variant. The site was located on the TMMJ shared platform, where Oz Inflatable Kayaks was hosted which gained simple administration for Emily.

Emily Says ...

I was really struggling earlier in the year. My e-commerce website wasn’t converting and I kind of knew why, but I couldn’t seem to get anything done about it.

My previous web developer was uninterested in helping me – every time I would ask for a fix or a change, I would have to wait 3 weeks only to be told it couldn’t be done or shouldn’t be done (there was a wide range of excuses).

What’s worse is the site load time was horrendous – in January, our busiest month of the year, it was nearly 30 seconds!

I am not a techie myself, so I felt pretty helpless and frustrated.

And I kept asking myself – why am I the one chasing this up? Why isn’t my web developer looking at these stats and giving a damn?? Doesn’t she care what is going on with the website that she built?

So I started shopping around and was told several times that it would be cheaper and quicker to re-build the website from scratch.

Matt and his team did the job within about 3 weeks I think, which was a vast improvement on the 12 months it took to get the previous website live…

Of course, things are never 100% perfect when you launch a new website, but the big difference with Matt is that he ANSWERS THE PHONE WHEN I CALL and then quickly fixes the problem.

That shouldn’t be amazing, but in this industry full of cowboys, it is.

I finally feel like I have affordable, competent technical support. What a relief!

This means I can focus my energy into marketing (which is the most important thing for a business owner to be doing), not faffing around with websites…

Matt Says ...

We had loads of fun working with Emily. There was a clear picture from the start with some creative space to do something new. We must have spoken to Emily nearly every day (sometimes multiple times in a day!) to get the site perfect. It was an absolute blast working with Emily and we look forward to working with her more in the future.

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