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Tiptoe & Co had an amazing website with the cutest little shoes you ever did see. The website however didn’t have any ability to filter for products. Outside of basic categories, locating products could be quite a task and likely to cause potential customers to leave for another site.

One of the unique problems was that shoes come in different sizes, depending on brand & country. There is also half sizes and all magnitude of complexity that isn’t seen in most other product ranges. Tiptoe & TMMJ worked together to determine the best way to categorise sizing, so that customers could find what they were looking for quickly, without having a massive list of sizes to look through.


Implementation of a filter system that allowed for filtering on Brand, Size Groups, Stock Availability & Sale, Style, Closing Type & Colour. Each filter had to co-exist and react with the other filter selections to allow deep filtering.

Chelsea Says ...

Matt & his team came highly recommended and from the first contact I could see why. Not only was Matt friendly and easy to talk to, he got my vision from the very beginning. It was fantastic to work with someone who took the time to understand what I needed as a client. Even better, they went above and beyond to deliver an end product that had more functionality and was even better than what I had asked for. Would definitely recommend TMMJ Consulting.

Matt Says ...

Working with Chelsea on her project was an absolute blast. From the first call Chelsea had a clear picture of the experience she wanted to give her clients and we honoured that TMMJ was selected to bring the vision to life. We enjoyed the many phone calls and the hours spent making sure the experience was awesome. Thanks Chelsea!

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