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About Us

Helping people just like you to curate products and services that your customers will love to engage with.


We believe that with the right tools and guidance, any of our clients are capable of curating products that can change the world.

We deliver solutions all along the product management life cycle. From ideation, through to go to market, TMMJ Consulting has innovative and engaging solutions to help your business create the next big thing. Our solutions are delivered with a personal touch and we are committed to developing long term relationships with our clients.

Meet Matt Ratcliffe - Director & Lead Product Manager.

Hugely passionate about people, Matt believes that the key to great products is great people. Matt has worked with a variety of businesses over the last decade to help them grow and be the best they can be. He has also helped a number of companies launch new products and services, starting from ideation all the way through to go to market strategies.

A team of planners & makers

We help our clients build their roadmap for the future. Then, we help them execute it.

How we work

We try our best not to be “just like everyone else”. We prefer a high touch approach, guiding you through some of the most critical decisions you may need to make. Our experts constantly evaluate the best ways to approach any problem.

Our clients enjoy a one hour initiation session at the beginning of their projects. We document what it is we are all setting out to achieve and record these as noted, measurable and tracked metrics. The only path to success is if you have a plan, and some way to know if you are on track. TMMJ Consulting clients get this right out of the box.

In our planning stage, we’ll document our the goals and initiatives. If you need more detail, we’ll dig down into the epics (high level) and stories (detail) as well. We have systems in place, out of the box, that enable the flow of this information, straight from our team to you.

Execution is what sets TMMJ Consulting apart. Not only can we help you plan your roadmap, we can also help you execute it. We have a team of talented analysts, developers and testers who can build out your roadmap into a reality. If you have this capability in house, we can feed your developers all the information they need to create the products and services.

Maintenance is often the forgotten child, but not at TMMJ. We see maintenance as being as important as the initial build. Why? Because getting clients takes time and resources, and we don’t want yours to leave you. Having a well maintained system means happy customers – and happy customers refer more customers.

TMMJ Consulting is fully insured to handle healthcare software, financial software, quoting software, secure\encrypted messaging and personally identifiable data. Our team has decades of experience to make your idea a reality.

We have decades of combined experience providing expert product management advice.
A young, enthusiastic team are always here to help.
Our specialists ensure you get the optimum results, whatever your product.

More Than Consulting .... Innovation

We love helping our clients build and sell their own dreams. TMMJ also invests a large portion of time and funding into new innovations that change the way different industries will work in the future. We’ve already built technologies for the Financial Advice, Information Technology and Product Management industries. We’ll continue to invest in technologies so that we can help change industries whilst showing our clients new and different ways that technology products can be applied.


The TMMJ Consulting team is home to industry leaders and visionaries who uphold our commitment to innovation, quality, and our clients.

Whether you are a startup, small business or enterprise, TMMJ can help you to unlock your potential for growth. Get in touch today and see how we can help.